Chinese ointments for psoriasis

Chinese ointments and creams for psoriasis

Recently, the disease psoriasis has had a very large spread. Specialists from Europe, America and other countries of the world are puzzling over this disease. There is a consensus that the cause is: deterioration of immunity, after taking strong antibiotics, sudden stress, excessive alcohol consumption, as well as liver disease. Psoriasis is often a hereditary disease and is transmitted from generation to generation. In official medicine, various ointments are prescribed for the treatment of psoriasis, which give temporary relief, but do not lead to the desired result. At the same time, these ointments have many side effects, since they contain synthetic substances. Chinese medicine has made great strides in the field of healing skin diseases and especially psoriasis. Chinese cream or ointment for psoriasis usually contains a natural well-balanced composition. Already at the first application, the Chinese cream "Tsikun Baksian" gives a visible result. And after application for 7 days, the redness disappears, the skin is cleansed of scales and becomes healthy and beautiful.

In our store you can buy only natural, non-hormonal remedies for psoriasis, which can be used for a long time, without harm to the body or a course, several times a year.

These creams have a wide spectrum of action and help with many skin diseases. You can find them in the catalog.

The exceptions are: cream "Sufui Ka Wan" and "King of the skin" These two creams help very quickly, but they are not recommended to be used for a long time. Since they contain ketoconazole. We wish you health and a quality life! Chinese medicine will help you.

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