Genitourinary system

Effective and natural Chinese remedies for the genitourinary system

This is a fairly simple, but very important system of our body. The urination system consists of two kidneys, two ureters and a bladder. The reproductive system in men is combined with the urinary system. It is thinner and longer than that of women. Therefore, men rarely suffer from bladder inflammation and cystitis. However, the prostate gland, which may increase with age, squeezes the upper urinary canal and this leads to prostatitis. The female genitourinary system is more open and more exposed to viral infections. That is why women need to be examined more often and timely prevention of women's diseases. In fact, women who drink various Chinese dietary supplements for health promotion and use Chinese tampons and medical pads will always be healthy and beautiful. Tampons are very popular and have a lot of good reviews.

Men, in turn, it is important to maintain their male health. Natural prostatitis pills can prevent the appearance or development of prostatitis.

And the capsules "Trepang" improve reproductive function, give vital energy, enhance sexual desire.

And most importantly, men and women should have a regular sex life. This is the main guarantee of the health of the genitourinary system and health in general.

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