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Immunity is a protective function of the body that ensures the recognition and removal of foreign bacteria and particles. Including various infections and viruses. Thanks to immunity, a person can resist many diseases, as well as adverse weather conditions. Our immunity consists of 4 main organs. And if you keep these organs in order, then immunity will be good.

1. Red bone marrow - lymphocytes, cells of the immune system are formed in it.

2. The thymus, or thymus gland, produces hormones that give the body an immune response to viruses and produces antibodies.

3. The spleen is a kind of blood filter and helps to produce antibodies to fight bacteria.

4. Lymph nodes- lymphocytes pass through them and purification from antigens. If there is an active fight against viruses in the body, then the lymph nodes increase and thus take the hit.

To increase immunity, you need good nutrition, fresh air and sunlight, as well as a sporty lifestyle. It is very useful to drink complex vitamins with minerals.

Also, the Chinese mushroom Cordyceps and Lingzhi are well suited to strengthen immunity.

Take care of your health and strengthen your immune system!

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