For joints and spine

Chinese pills for joints and spine

Movement is life! And the key to an active life is a strong spine (the basis of our body) and healthy, mobile joints. In order to develop and then keep the joints in order, you need to take care of them at any age. In childhood and adolescence, it is necessary to replenish the amount of calcium, which is responsible not only for the growth of bone mass, but is necessary for the development of the nervous system and other vital processes. To do this, there is a large selection of calcium preparations in our assortment. As well as calcium with vitamin D3. (Calcium plus vitamin D. Calcium plus Vitamin D Soft Capsule. 200 pcs.

In the future, when we reach the age of 40+, our body almost ceases to produce chondroitin, which is so necessary for flexibility and mobility of joints. Chondroitin is a kind of lubricant and the main component of cartilage joints. That's why as we get older, our knees start to crunch and then hurt. The cartilage begins to dry out, thin out and then just crumble. There is no cartilage, no lubrication and the bones in the joints literally rub against each other, causing pain and destruction. It is necessary to replenish chondroitin and then you will not have to walk crooked or with a crutch when you are only 70 years old. It is necessary, without waiting for problems, to drink a course, several times a year, chondroitin, and preferably complex preparations. For example: Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Calcium. For the growth and quality of hair and nails. 80 pcs. Or a more budget option: SHARK CARTILAGE NATURAL. Collagen will also be very useful for the health of your bones and joints. It is able to accelerate the fusion of bones after fractures and is very good not only for bones, but also for skin and hair Marine collagen "Snow White" 40 tab.

In this section you will also find good ointments for pain and inflammation of the joints. Various balms and rubbers that relieve inflammation and pain, as well as straighten the veins and restore the motor function of the joints. We use only natural preparations that will bring you healthy, youth and joy.

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