Chinese dietary supplements NATURAL

Chinese dietary supplements NATURAL is not just a food supplement, which there are thousands of on the modern market. The name itself speaks for itself. The factory of this brand uses only environmentally friendly raw materials, vegetable ingredients or an extract of animal origin. Raw materials are carefully selected and quality checked. The control equipment does not allow violations of the proportion of ingredients and sanitary and epidemiological norms. The Chinese specialists of the NATURAL company use not only the best recipes of Chinese folk medicine, but also modern technologies that make it possible to obtain such a powerful concentrate from plant and animal ingredients. This technology of manufacturing Chinese dietary supplements allows you to process raw materials in a laboratory that is literally on the field, which allows you not to subject the raw materials to additional treatments such as drying, freezing, heat treatment, canning and so on. Thanks to such primary processing and concentration of ingredients, an excellent concentrate for capsules is obtained and the beneficial properties and esters of plants are not lost.

In Folk medicine, alcohol is often used to extract the necessary substances, but alcohol has a negative effect on health and is contraindicated in patients and is not compatible with other drugs. Our company uses high-quality vegetable oil and gelatin for the manufacture of capsules. The concentrate placed in such a capsule perfectly retains its properties. And even after the expiration of the implementation period, they retain their useful properties for a couple of years. Usually synthetic drugs give a quick result, which bribes people to use them despite the many side effects and destruction of health. Our dietary supplements are also effective, and if the dosage is observed, they are actually safe for Health. This series of dietary supplements has a fairly low price for a package of 100 capsules. And a well-balanced composition allows you to take up to 5 types of these dietary supplements at the same time in most cases.

This series of dietary supplements has GMR quality certification. Expiration dates, permit and license number are written on each package. As well as the address, website and phone number of the manufacturer. The description of the preparations and the instructions for use are described in Chinese, since the dietary supplements "NATURAL" are intended for internal use and the improvement of the Chinese people.

The most popular dietary supplements from China:

1. Cordyceps -to strengthen the immune system, to cleanse and support the lungs and heart .

2. Shark cartilage - for joints.

3. Collagen- healthy nails, hair and skin.

4. Shark fat-Omega 3-6-9

5. Cleansing the lungs- Covid-19, after other lung diseases, after long smoking. Etc.

Instructions for the use of NATURAL dietary supplements from China

The instructions that we post on our website and, if necessary, we can send you in hard copy, fully correspond to the Chinese original. We do not use descriptions from third-party websites and carefully check all information about the drug before offering it to you. In order not to have to treat various diseases, you just need to support the body. Drink a complex of different dietary supplements "NATURAL" and your body will thank you with good health, beauty and youth.